We are experts in wireless/AI/big data fields from CSIST, MediaTek, ASUS, Macronix and Honeytwell. Focusing on energy-saving,  sustainable ESG and V2I2X trends, we provide one-stop services. Our products include vehicle modules, traffic controller systems and crossroad dynamic data. 

We reconstructed the best operating rules of smart traffic PVSRC (Pedestrain, Vehicle, Signal, Roadside unit and Cloud).

Provided innovatively new business model of BOT(built-operate-transfer)/PFI(Prevate Finance Initiative) service renting for government.

Our new applications not only wireless setting no construction, 5GAIoT anti-collision warning, SPaT dynamic/adaptive light control, ambulance and fire truck priority green passing, but also extending the light second for respect the elderly and the blind.

We bring innovative value to the government that reduce 95% budget meanwhile avoiding car accidents saving lives. As a global pioneer of internationalization and standardization, we have the ambition to upgrade all smart traffic signal system of the world.



Awards and certifications

  • The company was established in 2017 from 1 million to 2020 and increased to 16 million

  • 2018 LPWA LoRa Plus mesh Module passed NCC certification

  • 2017-2019 Continuous testing of wireless signals for 28 months 200 million times

  • 2019/06 The president stationed in Hutoushan came to encourage

  • 2nd place in the 2019 Taoyuan City National Maxima Competition

  • 2019/08 First place in G Camp, an entrepreneurial competition for small and medium-sized enterprises

  • 2019/09 TANET wireless multimode signaling paper published

  • 2019/10 Participate in the Techcrunch Entrepreneurship Exhibition in San Francisco

  • 2019/10 Kaohsiung 200-seat signal controller bid successfully completed acceptance

  • 2019/10 Demonstration of real-time linkage between wireless signals and self-driving cars at Chunghwa Telecommunications College

  • 2019/12 Won the Annual Innovative Application Smart Transportation Award at Taipei Smart City Exhibition

  • 2019/12 Won the runner-up of the Alibaba Clash of the Gods Innovation Contest

  • 2020/02 Participating in the CES Innovation Exhibition is the world's first set of green energy wireless signals

  • 2020/03Complete the successful test of two wireless signal signs and self-driving buses at Jijie Factory Station for 10 months

  • In 2020/04, the international board signal controller won the million-dollar reward of the Ministry of Science and Technology's Intense Innovation Program

  • 2020/05 Participate in the Demonstration Project of Changbin Lugang Passenger Self-driving Bus Led by Kingwei

  • The 2020/11 Respect for the Elderly and the Blind System won the entry award in the Nest to the Future Competition of the Ministry of the Interior

  • 2020/12 won the second place in the 5G Show Ideas Innovation Competition of the Industrial Bureau

  • 2021/09 Cooperate with Lianjia Optoelectronics to complete the development of DC smart wireless AI traffic light box

  • 2021/06-2022/06 Complete the outdoor demonstration of the world‘s first solar sustainable smart wireless signaling system commissioned by the New Taipei City Transportation Bureau in Shenkeng dist., for one year

  • 2021/10-2022/09 Completed the C-V2X commissioned research case for Chunghwa Telecom Mobile Communications Branch and successfully closed the case

  • 2022/09 Design a set of 5GAIoT fire protection priority green line system for Chunghwa Telecommunications College, enter the exhibition hall and publicize

  • 2022/11 Completion of fire priority deep pit driving on the road The actual measurement video has proved that the system is very stable

Core Technology